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    Nov 20, 2016
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    For the Youtube and Twitch Streaming Community.

    Hey guys, we announce that we are now allowing you to be able to share your youtube with the community. The rules are simple, yet somewhat strict to ensure that we don't run into any issues along the way.
    Rules & Guidelines

    • Any videos, threads, links ect must be completely DeadlyFactions related. This means all videos on the Youtube Channel must be DeadlyFactions related.
    • Be respectful, and follow the server rules and guidelines even when streaming.
    • Do not represent DeadlyFactions in any way that makes our community look bad, toxic, uninhabitable, or unfriendly.
    • Do not swear excessively, or use racial slurs.
    • Do not expect any extra advantages, or free items in exchange for making videos on DeadlyFactions. Us allowing you to share your youtube videos and such is only for your enjoyment and to bring the community together in yet another way.
    • Do not bug staff members to be in your videos or streams. You may ask them, but remember no means no.
    • Most importantly have fun.
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