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    Welcome to the Forums!

    We hope you enjoy your time you spend here and hope you can follow some basic rules that keeps our community safe, fun, and friendly!

    Server rules:

    1. Any sort of hacked client is not allowed on our server. If you wish to use a hacked client, you can and will be punished.

    2. Do not advertise other servers. If we wanted other servers to be advertised on ours, we would partner with them. Popular servers can be briefly mentioned, such as Mineplex or Hypixel, but do not attempt to drive players from our server to another.

    3. Scamming in-game money and items is allowed. Telling a player that they will be punished for scamming in-game items may result in a punishment for yourself. Donator items DO NOT retain their store value and are void of any IRL value upon reaching the server.

    4. Do not scam IRL money. This rule is enforced on our server as much as it is in real life. This includes (but is not limited to) rank upgrades. Any money lost due to a faulty IRL deal cannot be refunded, as it is
    completely up to you whether or not you do these deals.

    5. Do not threaten to hack or DDoS the server or any person. This is breaking international laws and will result in a permanent ban (and possibly legal action).

    6. Do not disrespect staff. If you have a problem with a staff member, take it up with an administrator via forum inbox by messaging them.

    7. Do not verbally abuse other players. We are more lenient on this than most servers. However, there is a point at which it exceeds limits and will result in punishment. Curse in moderation & using 'Cancer' as a derogatory term is also punishable.

    8. Respect the other players and do not use racial/homophobic slurs, especially in any derogatory ways. Doing so will result in a permanent ban. Be mature while you play our server, as people of all races and sexuality are treated equally.

    9. Charging back on Donations will get you banned permanently in the game until the full amount is repaid. Any unban passes bought during the ban will not be refunded.

    10. Glitching or bug abuse of any type is not allowed. This includes furnace glitching, glitching with horses, glitching out of the map, duplicating blocks, and all other exploits. Punishments vary depending on the severity.

    11. Please remember to treat others as you wish to be treated in return.

    12. Staff MAY NOT scam. If a staff member scams you, then please bring it up with MissingSyntax.

    13. Harassment of any type is not allowed. If someone asks you to quit doing something, be the bigger man and stop to avoid any possible punishments.

    14. Do not spam. This includes constantly repeating the same message or typing in all capital letters.

    15. If you have a problem with a player, report them. Do not take matters into your own hands.

    16. Do not give out another players personal information of any kind without their permission (Skype, photos, name, number). Doing so is an invasion of privacy and may put the player at risk. Violations of this rule will not be taken lightly, and will result in a permanent ban, and all appeals may likely be denied.

    17. Selling in-game items for IRL or PayPal money is illegal. All trades for items must be done with in-game money.

    18. Selling accounts to players (whether it be for IRL or IGM) is not allowed. Renting accounts, however, is allowed. Make sure to take proper precautions while renting accounts.

    19. Do not impersonate or claim to be a staff member, threaten to ban other players, or claim that you are friends with staff in order to gain perks or reputation on the server.

    20. Keep skins clean. Please do not come on our server with any racist, nude, or otherwise offensive skins. If a staff member asks you to change it, it'd be best to listen. Failure to listen will result in a ban until the skin has been changed.

    21. As terrible as names can be, we do not ban players for them. If seeing their name irritates you, please use /ignore to prevent any issues.

    22. A player may only be unbanned twice via appeals. After the second ban, you will have to purchase an unban pass. Any further appeals will be discussed in our staff chat.

    23. Auto-clickers are allowed when active on the server, and can be used for mining, selling to signs, and participating in PvP. Auto-clickers are NOT allowed when being used to mine while AFK, or being used to bypass the anti-AFK system we have in place.

    24. If you post a link to any pornography, adult material, or screamers, you will be permanently banned from the server.

    25. Discussing, building, or referencing any pornographic subjects will result in a ban.

    26. If you are banned on an account (even temporarily) and log onto another, that account will automatically be banned permanently for ban evasion. The main account will also receive a permanent ban, even if the original punishment was temporary.

    27. Listen to all staff members. If a staff member tells you to do something, it is best to comply. If you have an issue with what a staff member is telling you to do, please contact an administrator.

    28. If you possess an illegal item (i.e an item not added or known to be a part of the rare items already included in the server) and you do not turn it in, the item will be confiscated and you will be punished until the staff decide what to do.

    30. Anything that disables the automated system we have for kicking AFK players is not allowed. (i.e having something hold down the spacebar, hacked client, AFK pools etc.) Depending on the situation, the punishment will vary.

    31. Adding onto the previous rule, any use of an AutoLogger (whether it be a hacked client or a mod pack) will result in a permanent ban.

    32. Mention of drugs or alcohol on the server or forums will result in a punishment varying on the severity.

    33. Scamming staff is Not Allowed. Anybody found participating in this act will be temporarily banned from the server.

    Please be sure to follow these rules as we are trying to make a community as safe and as fun for everyone as it can be. If you have any questions about them, ask a staff member!

    Please note: These rules will be added to and are subject to change.
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