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    Caught a player doing something wrong? This is the place to go to report them!

    Please stick to this general format when reporting players:


    Date of Offense:

    Report Reason:


    What is proof?

    Proof is something you use as evidence for your claims. If you say a player is hacking, we can't just impulsively jump to the conclusion that the player is, and ban them "just because you said so". Proof is what you stand on. For claims against hackers we do require valid video evidence to take action. The only exception I will say is fly hacking at hub. We will need a clearly visible name for this.

    Picture Proof

    Screenshots can also tell a great deal about what is going on. These are often used for chat-based reports. Screenshots must contain your FULL Minecraft window. Do not crop the screenshot to just one line of chat, as it's definitely not enough evidence for anything. Do not edit the screenshot either. Don't make it smaller, bigger, more colourful, or block out anything. We only care about the raw screenshot, or your report will most likely not be accepted.

    Video Proof

    Video proof is probably one of the best sources of evidence. Primarily used against hackers, it shows us pretty much everything going on. When making a video proof, it is expected that it is at least 15 seconds long, with clear, concise evidence of whatever it is you are reporting. Videos are also expected to not be edited in any way.

    Reporting for Advertising?

    Saying another server's name is allowed, bu saying the IP will result in a permanent ban.

    What are reasons to report?

    EXCESSIVE Spamming


    Public crude and inappropriate context

    Inappropriate skins (Nazi, nude, hitler, etc)

    Ban evading

    Illegal items


    Any rules explicitly listed

    When Reporting:

    Please do not start any conversation or argument. There will be people who think the reported player should be banned, and others who think the claim is complete bogus. Please DO NOT start an argument, warning points will be allotted if you do so.

    When Reading Reports:

    Do not start a conversation unless you are directly involved in the report or have crucial evidence to add. I cannot stress the word crucial enough. Please refrain from taking sides on the report, the staff's word is final.

    If Being Reported:

    We do not need you commenting on the report saying you're innocent. That is the staff's job to determine if and how you get handled. The staff's word is final.
Thread Status:
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