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  1. Minecraft Username: bateeli

    Past Usernames (If applicable): Not applicable.

    Timezone: Eastern standarn time

    Age: 15 almost 16

    Do you have access to Discord?: Yes, Bateeli#7163

    Do you have a working email account which you have access to?: (i really dont care that its public i have a bunch of spam emails anyway

    Are you able to upload to YouTube in at least 360p, 30fps?: i can upload in 1080p if you want a video on something

    Have you had any infractions on DeadlyFactions in the past? If so please list: maybe aguring with fatdaddy about faction related things

    Do you have any previous experience as a staff member? If so, what did you learn from this?: I have been all the roles overtime. What i learned is that many servers dont survivie past the first year and that those servers still had good staff. I owned a server named troublenetwork for 3-4 months but it wasnt getting players.

    Why should we choose you over another applicant?: I may not be the best with spelling or grammar but im very smart when it comes to computers, hosting, permissions and many other things. My maturity level is prob 8 because at school i don't put up with shit but i got better with controling my anger.

    What makes you a good staff member?: Besides helpful, i have alot of minecraft experience! i bought minecraft on may 12 2012 i can tell mostly everything about minecraft. If a player is aguring with oneanother i can say cut it out and be friends holding a grudge can kill you

    How many hours can you commit to DeadlyFactions per week?: i can spend around 10 hours on the server per day
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    Hi @Bateeli,

    I am pleased to say i have accepted your staff application.

    Please also make sure to read the staff handbook and become familiar with it on discord.

    Have a great day and welcome to the staff team!
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