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  1. Hi there,

    Welcome to the Punishment Appeal information thread! This thread will tell you information about appealing your punishment and which format to use when doing so.

    General Information

    If you feel like you have been unfairly punished or you would like a second chance, you can appeal your punishment here, only if the duration of the punishment is 6+ hours. If the duration is less than 6 hours there is no point in appealing as it is unlikely that we will view the appeal within that time.

    You must not pester staff about your appeal for any reason, doing so will result in your appeal being denied.

    If your appeal is denied you must wait at least one month from the appeal date before appealing again.


    Thread Title ~ Punishment Appeal: {Username}

    1. What is your Minecraft Username?
    Simply list your Minecraft Username.

    2. What is your punishment type & duration?
    Simply list if you have been banned or muted and for how long.

    3. Who punished you and what was the reasoning behind it?
    List which staff member punished you and what for.

    4. Why should this punishment be reversed?
    Write a well written response as to why your punishment should be reversed.

    5. Do you have any other information?
    Here you can list any evidence or other information that may back you up in your appeal.

    Note: This format must be used! Not using it will result in an instant denial.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.