Good Evening Guys & Girls

I would proudly like to announce we are re-releasing DeadlyFactions again very soon.

We plan to make more interesting and fun features which will keep you entertained and interested.

Reguarding the previous server closure

I chose to closedown the server last year , as some of the custom plugins
were crashing the server regularly , this was becoming more of an issue daily.

During this time of the server being down , i have heavily recoded most plugins
and hope to bring a more stable atmosphere for the relaunch.

I would like to send a apology to all our previous players for the abrupt closure. Any ranks previously purchased or obtained will 100% be transferrable to the new server.

Any questions or concerns please message me here or on my discord below:

Hi Everyone,

Just checking in with some more updates.

The new servers developement is moving along quickly here is some spoiler media below.

Stay tuned for more updates!